Quality Features Of Our Prefabricated Sheds

Prefabricated sheds are not all built the same. We encourage you to take the time to research your options before making a purchase. Here are some construction terms that builders use so that you can make a well-informed decision.

You won’t be disappointed if you invest in a prefabricated shed that is built to last. When your shed becomes an important part of your life, you won’t regret paying attention to options and features that make using the shed easier and ensure that your shed will be around for a long time.

Floor Features

* 12” on center (Garage) and 2×4 floor joists 16” on center (Utility Shed)
** ¾” pressure green treated floor plywood (Garage) and 5/8” LP Prostruct Tongue / Groove Fungal / Termite Treated Floor (Utility Shed)

4×6 Pressure Treated Notched Skids

5/8 or 3/4” Treated Plywood Floor ** – For a heavy-duty floor surface

5/8 or 3/4 LP Prostruct Smart Floor – Tongue/Groove Fungal/Termite Treated Floor – Resists Rot from the bottom up

Plywood Nailed with 2 3/8” Ring Shank Nails – For a floor that will never come apart

2×4 Pressure Treated Floor Joists 12” on Center * – For a sturdy floor frame

Ramp – A ramp will be very useful if you park your garden tractor or vehicle in your building

Skid Spacing By Width of Building

4×6 Presure Treated Notched Skids

Door Construction

* Diamond plated garage door threshold w/ raised edge – Designed to prevent leaks on garage doors and protect the floor

Heavy-Duty Barrel Latches (for our double doors) – To keep your items secure

Keyed Latch – To keep your belongings secure

Diamond Plated Threshold  for Portable Buildings doorways

 To protect the floor edge

Heavy Duty Hinges (on wood doors) – To keep your items secure

Other Options & Quality Features

24”x36” Window w/ Shutters – To add visual appeal and let light and air into the building

Premium 2×4 Rafters 16″ on Center – For a sturdy roof structure

Steel Rafter Connectors – For rafters that won’t come apart

50 yr. Smart Panel Siding and Trim – For a siding and trim that stands up to weather extremes

WorkBench or Shelf Packages – To store items or work on your projects

Roof Ridge Vent – To remove hot air that collects in the building

Lifetime Shingles – For long lasting protection from wind and rain

25 year Paint – For long lasting beauty and protection

Full Overhead Loft – For storing smaller items off the ground

Garage Doors – Roll up or standard – Many Sizes & colors available To allow access for vehicles and large items

Gable Vents – To allow air to move through the building

Premium Grade 2×4 Wall Studs 16″ on Center – For sturdy walls and a clean interior appearance

36” Fiberglass Door w/ 9 Lite Window – For a rot resistant door (compare to metal clad door with wood)

Metal Roof – We offer this option for those who prefer the appearance of a metal roof

Learn more about the benefits and advantages of wood sheds by reading our article on premier portable storage building prices.

You can be at ease with Sheds Delivered, We have an assortment of colors and options available for you. We offer a wide scope of colors that make it simple for you to design a portable storage building that will match in with different structures on your property.

You can add more windows, entry doors, a garage or roll up door to your structure and can tweak the situation of every window and entryway. Furthermore, we offer ramps, vents, benches, shelves, shutters, flower boxes and different highlights that improve the usefulness and magnificence of your shed.

In case you’re searching for a choice not found on our website, don’t hesitate to call us to help you with your unique custom shed Ideas.

Wood Siding, Steel Siding & Roof, Wainscoting Siding and Trim Paint and Urethane Stain Colors

We offer much more, we are working to add them here soon. Please see more of our examples in the Shed Builder

Castlebrook® Lifetime designer architectural shingles colors


Weathered Wood


Black Shadow

Burnt Sienna

Dove Gray


Hearthstone Gray

Desert Shake

Woodland Green

Building Options

Add these Options/Features using our Online Do It Yourself 3D Builder w/ ON THE FLY PRICING for easy Estimate

Design Yours at: https://Shedview.ShedsDelivered.com

8×7 Overhead Door

$ 465.00


30 Yr. Steel Roof Add 6% of Base Price on any Style

9×7 Overhead Door

$ 485.00


40 Yr. Steel Option add 2% Onto 30 Yr. Price


9×8 Overhead Door

$ 525.00


2×6 Treated Floor Joists Per Sq. Ft.

add .40 per

4×7 Roll-up Door

$ 295.00


5/8″ Treated Plywood Floor Per Sq. Ft.

add .50 per

6×7 Roll-up Door

$ 330.00


3/4″ Treated Plywood Floor Per Sq. Ft.

add .60 per

8×7 Roll-up Door

$ 365.00


On Site Assembly Charge $700 Minimum or 40% Fee

9×7 Roll-up Door

$ 395.00


6/12 or 8/12 Roof Pitch Adds $8.00 Per Linear Ft.

$8.00 per

Extra Double Wooden Door

$ 130.00


Cabana Style Roof Adds $200.00 Onto Gable Style

$ 200.00

Extra Single Wooden Door

$ 80.00


Steel Wainscot on Steel Building – $3.00 Per Linear Ft.

18″ x 23″ Window w/Wooden Shutters

$ 55.00


12″ Overhang w/ Soffit & Fascia $2.50 Per Sq. Ft.

$ 2.50

24″ x 27″ Window w/Wooden Shutters

$ 65.00


Deluxe Front Roof Peak – OSB Over End


24″ x 36″ Window w/Wooden Shutters

$ 75.00


With Painted Underneath – Barn 1 0″ -18″


10″ x 29″ 5 Grid Transom Window

$ 80.00


8′ Shed $50.00


Octagon Window

$ 75.00


10′ Shed $60.00


60″ x 48″ Slider Double Pane Window

$ 185.00


12′ Shed $70.00


48″ x 36″ Slider Double Pane Window

$ 150.00


14′ Shed $80.00


36″ x 36″ Slider Double Pane Window

$ 150.00


Boxed in Front Peak i s Double The Price for Wood or Metal Soffit

30″ x 24″ Slider Double Pane Window

$ 115.00


54″ Treated Ramp

$ 60.00

9 Lite Door with Lifetime PVC Jamb

$ 265.00


60″ Treated Ramp

$ 70.00

36″ Fiberglass Door-Lifetime PVC Jamb (no window)

$ 210.00


72″ Treated Ramp

$ 80.00

Heavy Duty Screen Door 36″

$ 90.00


8′ Treated Ramp

$ 100.00

Double Fiberglass Doors 70″W x 76″H

$ 240.00


9′ Treated Ramp

$ 120.00

Wood Doors w/Transom Windows-12″ hinges

add $315



$ 75.00

Single Wood Doors w/Transom Windows-12″ hinges

add $170



$ 150.00

Cross-bucks Per Single Door

$ 15.00


Porch Adds $200.00 to Any Building

$ 200.00

Higher Sidewalls add 5% Per Ft. of Height

$ 0.05


Vinyl-Steel-Lap Siding

Add 15%

Cupola 16″

$ 240.00


Deluxe Latches

$ 25.00

Cupola 24″

$ 380.00


1 0″ Side Overhangs without Fascia

$0.50 per sq ft

12″ Decorative Gate Hinge Per Hinge

$ 8.00


Vinyl Shutters

$ 15.00

1 S” Shelves Per Linear Ft.

$ 6.00


Vinyl Flower boxes

$ 30.00

24″ Workbench Per Linear Ft.

$ 8.00


Ridge Vent Per Linear Ft.

$ 5.00


Free Delivery and Setup In most of Wisconsin – Check website for Map Details.

Free Delivery and Setup In most of Wisconsin – Check website for Map Details.

We recommend a level Gravel Base Pad to set building on.

All Buildings are Manufactured in Central Wisconsin